Passport Photos

We also do visa, permanent resident, police clearance, citizenship, work permit, security, fire arms and study visa photos.

Getting a high-quality passport type photo will take 5 mins to 20 minutes (at most), depending on how how many people are there.

2 Photos for $5.99

We give you your photo with the exact dimensions that you need.

*If there are any issues with your photo, please let us know and we will issue another photo or a full refund.‚Äč

Baby Passport Photos

Please make sure your baby doesn't wear white, pink or other light colors.

Do your best to have your baby awake as we need their eyes open for the photo. This will speed up the process

Age 0 - 1: $17.99 For 2 Photos

Age 1 - 2: $9.99 For 2 Photos

Photo Shoots